We have come a long way in Last 7 Years and I literally appreciate you all for being part of the Family for so long year.

Unfortunately, I have planned to drop Forum "World Of Hacker" as I have started lots of product and I think, those will be much useful than Just FORUM. Look at below product, which may interest you!

In Future, I have planned for much better things for World Of Hacker and I would literally love to ask you all guys to be the part there as it can change the context of your life in the related field.


w3Clan.com - Tutorial Resource

w3clan.com is an online tool where people can create tutorial website and make money with their own google adsense. If you are tutorial writer, it's quick and awesome way to create your tutorial website.

  1. Sign up at w3clan.com
  2. In Edit/Profile section, provide your google adsense publisher ID
  3. Create Course
  4. Add Lesson and In each tutorial or lesson, just use [adsense] code short code wherever you want to show your ads and app will do rest.

If you are learner and planning to learn new, it's awesome place to start.


CoderCV.com - Freelancer Market

CoderCV.com is an online marketplace where you can provide service based on your skill to buyer.

Or, If you are looking for some work getting done, than you can also hire sellers who have already working there.

It's amazing place to hire skilled labour and getting hired, if you are skilled.

Good luck with FREELANCE career, if you choose. 

It's amazing to be FREELANCER.


Ducument.com - Project / Team Management Tool

Ducument.com is another awesome tool. It helps co-ordinate among team members to discuss and allot project or task among each other.

If you are 2 or more people team and finding hard way to collaborate, it is best place to get the basic team work done.

Go to ducument.com and watch their intro video to understand more about their process.


WorldOfHacker.com - Full Thread List

This is list of all worldofhacker thread.

All the thread posted in world of hacker has not gone waste. They have been replicated to blog where you can still and learn various resource based on your requirement.

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All Threads and Posts of WorldofHacker.com has been shifted to :- Blog here

I heartily thanks to you all personally for being part of the family for so long 7 Years. If you would like to connect with me, I am still available at twitter here :- https://twitter.com/KroKite