Replace your STARTUP and SHUTDOWN screen images (bitmaps).

Replace your STARTUP and SHUTDOWN screen images (bitmaps).

Do you dislike the Windows startup and shutdown screens, and wish
to replace them with your own images? Here's how:

1. On your c:\ drive (root directory), you will find the following files:
LOGO.SYS startup screen LOGOS.SYS shutdown screen
LOGOW.SYS "wait to shutdown" screen

2. COPY these files to a place before attempting to alter them. You
may want to replace them if you decide or need to use them again.

3. Despite the .sys extensions, these files are standard bitmaps (.bmp files)
Once you've copied them, change the extension on one of your copies
to .bmp and view it in Ms.Paint Check the IMAGE, ATTRIBUTES
menu and note that it is 320 pixels (pels) wide and 400 pixels high.

4. Before you replace any of these images, you need to find or create,
or crop a bitmap image to 320 x 400. Choose your image, and set the
size in IMAGE, ATTRIBUTES in Ms.Paint.

5. Save your new image to the selected location, naming it after the logo file
you intend to replace (using the .sys extension).

6. Now, on the c:\ drive, change the extension of the original logo file
(the one you are replacing) to .bmp. This way, you'll have two originals
in case of trouble -one on your c:\ drive and one on you copied.

7. Now, move your new logo file into your root c:\ directory. The next
time you start up or shut down, you'll see your new screen.

8. If you don't like your new image, move it out of your root directory
and replace it with one of your original files (with the .sys extension).
Be sure to do this before you exit and re-enter Windows

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